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Lending Hearts App

The creation of the Lending Hearts app came out of a need for our Lending Hearts Friends and their families to be able to connect to Lending Hearts at any time - regardless of location or health.

The focus of the app is to be an extension of what we offer during the monthly activities we offer in person.  We wanted to stress creativity and community.


The initial creation of the app was created by the very talented team of Stellar 6, a group of graduate students and advisors at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center.  It is our plan to see to the continued growth and development of the app through upcoming semesters at Carnegie Mellon University.  


The Lending Hearts app will be available in the near future on Android and iOS systems.  We look forward to announcing when it will be available for our families!

Stellar 6













To learn more about the Lending Hearts App, please watch the following informational videos:

3 minute video












30 second video























Play testing in March 2015

















































Lending Hearts Official Video - Stellar 6
Lending Hearts App Trailer - Stellar 6
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